Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pinnacle Studio 16 - Video to DVD Transfer

Pinnacle Studio 16 - Video to DVD Transfer

We recently purchased the newly updated video editing software Pinnacle Studio 16. We've been using it for a few days now, and here are some of our thoughts:

--we're using it on Vista 32 bit and have noticed significant speed improvements over Pinnacle Studio 15

--even though Pinnacle Studio 16 is optimized for 64 bit computers, there is a marked overall "snappiness" in the program on 32 bit computers

--the program really should have been called Avid Studio 2.0 as the interface mimics Avid Studio 1.1

--we've found that running the program as administrator seems to have a positive effect on the speediness of the program, but not sure why

--we purchased the Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate option, and even though the installation of the program takes a great deal longer than previous versions, the program automatically installs all of the plugins during installation so there's no losing serial number keys for add on content

--at the beginning of installation, you only have to input the serial number; if you already have an older version of Pinnacle Studio or Avid Studio, the program finds the version for you during upgrade so you don't have to input an old serial number

--for moving add on content from Avid Studio to Pinnacle Studio 16, compare the following folders, then copy/paste missing files/folders from C:\Program Files\Avid\Studio\plugins\RTFx  to C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Studio 16\plugins\RTFx and do the same C:\Program Files\Avid\Studio\plugins\RTFXV2\ to C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Studio 16\plugins\RTFXV2. All of the files/folders in Avid Studio RTFx and Avid Studio RTFxV2 should be the same as their corresponding Pinnacle Studio folders

--Alpha Magic transitions are not included in Pinnacle Studio 16 but you can easily copy them over from Avid Studio. For Alpha Magic, again copy/paste all Alpha Magic folders and files from C:\Program Files\Avid\Studio\plugins\RTFx to C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Studio 16\plugins\RTFx. Alpha Magic will be listed at the very bottom of the transitions library

--there is a storyboard option in Pinnacle Studio 16 and it puts a mini storyboard above the timeline (very useful); the only thing that would make the new storyboard better would be to be able to put transitions between the storyboard pictures/videos instead of having to do it from the timeline (which is more time consuming)

As we use the program more, we will post more information on Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate.

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