Thursday, March 25, 2010

Video to DVD Transfer Digital Video Formats

Although there are many formats, these are the most popular:

1. .mpeg or .mpeg2 - probably the most popular of the video to DVD transfer formats. Because of its moderate size, the mpeg/mpeg2 formats are well suited for transferring your home videos to DVD.

2. .wmv - also known as Windows Video Format. If you're going to be playing the video transfers on your computer and not transferring them to DVD, .wmv will do the job. This type of file is typical for use with Windows Media Player.

3. .avi - even though it's a very high quality video to DVD transfer format, choose wisely. If you are importing digital video from a video camera and choose avi, you should make sure that the length of your video is 1 hour or less. This will allow you to comfortably use the .avi file for transfer to a DVD. If your video footage is much longer than 1 hour, you will be better off choosing the .mpeg format to make your DVD.

4. .rm - Real Media - works mostly with the free Real Media Player.

5. quicktime or .mov - Apple uses this format. If you are doing a video to DVD transfer on a Mac computer, use either of these formats so you can import the footage into iMovie and you can then burn this movie to DVD.

6. MPEG4 - for your video to dvd transfer, use this format if you are going to export your footage to a handheld media player. If using the Zune, .wmv will work better. If using a video iPod, .mpeg4 and .mov work well.

7. flv - use the flash format for your video to DVD transfer if you are uploading your video to the web or to your own website, as it is much smaller in file size and works with all internet browsers.