Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Studio 11 Ultimate

Pinnacle has come out with the next generation of their popular Studio line of video editing software. I purchased Studio 11 Ultimate which allows me to do the following:

1. Capture from analog and digital sources

2. Assisted movie creation with SmartMovie

3. Video and audio restoration tools

4. Pan & Zoom for animation of still pictures

5. Real-Time effects with preview

6. Works with Windows Vista (even though I'm smart enough not to!)

7. Scaling user interface

8. HiFi music generation

9. Instant transfer from tape to DVD with Instant DVD Recorder

10. Built-in DVD Authoring and Burning

11. One click web upload to Yahoo Video

12. Private web sharing with StudioOnLine.com

13. Export videos to iPod, Sony PSP or DivX

14. HDV and AVCHD native editing

15. HD DVD from standard discs

16. PIP and Chromakey effects

17. Keyframeable effects

18. Dolby 5.1 Encoding

19. Powerful film looks and FX

20. Advanced sound cleaning

21. Precision pan and zoom

22. Green screen

I've had great success with the program so far. It's much more stable than any previous release of Studio since Studio 9.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Another video import option

Many computer users do not have the technical experience (or the equipment) to import their video footage into their computer. This is especially true of older computer or cheaper models, many of which do not have a firewire port.

The Studio MovieBox Plus is a good option. Using a high speed 2.0 USB connection to the computer, the MovieBox allows users to capture video from both analog sources (such as a VCR) or DV sources (such as digital video cameras).

The Studio MovieBox Plus also comes with Pinnacle's Studio software which allows for the editing of the video footage.

Please note: the quality of the video import will be directly related to the speed of your computer and the quality of your video card. If your computer is too slow or the video card too old, you may run into problems with the audio and the video not synching up (your movie will look like a dubbed Japanese horror movie).