Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Cyberlink Video and DVD Software - Video to DVD Transfer

Just purchased these--decent so far. Here are the software packages and what they do:

1. PowerDVD Ultra: basically it's software used to play dvds on your computer (like Roxio's Cineplayer). Good for playing High-Definition Video on your computer:

HD DVDs and Blu-ray Discs
Hardware acceleration for high-definition graphics processors
Playback of high-def file formats H.264, HD MPEG-2, and WMV-HD
Support for widescreen monitors
Overlayed menus, movie bookmarks, and zooming
Movie commentaries displayed in Picture-in-Picture
High-definition audio technologies with Dolby Digital Plus, TrueHD, DTS-HD
8-channel surround sound and support with true 7.1 channel Dolby Digital EX and 5.1 channel DTS
Advanced audio effects from Dolby, DTS, and CyberLink
Auto dialog looping
Move subtitles from the movie screen
Power saving and auto-adjusting playback speed

2. PowerDirector 6: for editing and creating video presentations and slideshows, fixing and improving videos, 300 special effects and style, importing of high definition content (including AVCHD), web publishing to YouTube and Streamload. Includes:

29 dvd template designs
Custom dvd template designs
slideshow wizard for your photos
PIP designer
Movie wizard that automates the video creation process
MagicFix that enhances and stabilizes your video production
MagicClean that helps clean up the lighting in your video project
Transitions and effects
Balloons, titles
Burn to dvd, output to iPod or PSP, write to HDV tape, or upload online

3. MediaShow4: enhances and edits videos and photos automatically, make animated slideshows timed to the music you select, burn your projects to dvd, and upload options for Flickr and YouTube.

4. Power2Go: basically disc burning software.
Burn data files to Blu-Ray and HD
Make video and photo dvds
Burn audio CDs
Rip MP3s
Allows you to add disc encryption for you data dvds

5. PowerProducer 5: produce your own dvds from regular or high-def video, author regular or blu-ray dvds, edit and enhance videos and photos

Capture regular and high-def video to your computer
DVD menus and themes
Edit, trim and add special effects, button, titles, etc. to video and dvd menu
Burn to dvd, blu-ray

6. DVD Suite 6 Ultra: a combination package that includes PowerDVD 7.3, PowerProduer 4.2, PowerDirector 6.5, Power2Go Deluxe, PowerBackup, InstantBurn, MediaShow3, PowerDVD Copy, LabelPrint, and PhotoNow

The only bad part is that with the DVD Suite 6 Ultra, not every program included is the latest version available (pretty dumb on their part). We upgraded to the latest PowerDirector and PowerProducer.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Adobe Photoshop Express - Video to DVD Transfer Service

The new free online photo editing service Adobe Photoshop Express can be used on photos that you are going to include in your video production, whether it's for titles or to add still images to your video production.
If you sign up you get 2GB of free storage. After you join, upload your photo. Once your photo is uploaded, double click on the photo in the album, then click on "edit photo". On the left side of the screen you can choose between crop and rotate, auto correct, exposure, red-eye removal, touchup, saturation, white balance, highlight, fill light, sharpen, soft focus, pop color, hue, black and white, tint, sketch, and distort.

Once your photo is ready, click on save and then download it to use in your video to dvd project, video editing project or video project.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Jumpcut - Free Online Video Editor - Video to DVD Transfer

Jumpcut was a free internet service that allows you to upload video clips directly from your computer or your video camera. On the main menu of Jumpcut you simply click the Upload button and pick the files you want to upload.

The site them makes a movie from the files that you have uploaded, and then takes you to a browser-based video editor. From there you can arrange the clips, add photos, create titles, and insert special effects.

When you register you also get a free personal uploading email address. You can send emails to this address with attachments and they will be added to your library on the site.

If you use flickr's photo site, you can also import your photos from there as well as facebook.

From the video editor, you can drag and drop photos from your video/photo/media library on their site using "Add". You then simply drag and drop the files in the order that you want them to appear. There is a trimming tool, a button to add audio to your video project, an "add transitions" button, and "special effects".

Unfortunately, jumpcut is no longer in business.