Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How to edit your video footage

Assuming you have already imported your video to your computer, the next step is to assemble the pieces. For most people, especially those editing family video footage, chronological order is the best way to go.

Once you've decided the order, it's time to cut the video footage down to size. Most editing programs will allow you to import the video footage and it will then automatically make scenes out of the footage. This works great most of the time, except if you have filmed a scene with lots of photo flashes or strobe lights (such as dancing at a wedding reception).

Here's the order to make a film watchable for everyone:

1. Cut out the dead/blank spaces.
2. Find long sections and MAKE THEM SHORTER. No one wants to see your little Johnny playing in the playpen for 7 minutes in a row. As a rule, try to cut long and repetitive scenes down to fifteen or twenty seconds.
3. Once you've cut your footage, click on the very last section and you should have an idea how long your film will last.
4. Add your transitions.
5. Add your background music.